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Tax Pills

With the Electronic Identity Card (EIC) it will now be possible to access all online services of both the Revenue Agency and the Collection Agency

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Thanks to the new tool that make it possible to reach online services of both Tax Authorities, even those who do not have IT personal credentials to access the Agencies  telematic channels (Fisconline and Entratel) or Spid (the Public Identity Digital System), from now on will be able to login in the authenticated and reserved area of the respective websites directly through the EIC. Therefore, the Electronic Identity Card will work as a new universal key able to open the door to the entire spectrum of web and on line services of the two Agencies.

Indeed, “Login with EIC” is a new authentication system expressely riquired by the Code of the digital administration to which the two Agencies, in collaboration with the Institute Poligrafico and Zecca dello Stato and Sogei, have adhered to make even more extensive the use of online services, so as to limit the need to go to the offices to solve own tax matters.

A digital answer to the pandemic emergency
With the EIC, millions of taxpayers can access to the vast world of online services provided by the two Agencies. Basically, the EIC will offer a new smart model of public-private management and relationship, particularly useful in the current health emergency, given that it will allow taxpayers to avoid waiting and, at the same time, consent them to have always the information needed at their fingertips without being force having to move from home to a public office.A digital answer to the pandemic emergency.

The access numbers to the online services of the two Agencies
In 2020, there were over 47 million accesses to the Revenue Agency so called “Fiscal Drawer” and to the web-reserved area of the Collection Agency. Particularly, through the Revenue Agency online channels have been registered the sent 22 million 730 tax returns, 3.7 million of rental and lease contracts (85% of the total) and 500 thousand inheritance declarations (over 90% of the total).

EIC, a multipurpose online services key
With the Electronic Identity Card it’s also possible to request the tax code and a duplicate of the health card or, in case, communicate the own Iban for receving fiscal refunds. Yet, that's not all because through CIE it is also possible to use the whole kit of services related to electronic invoicing, access the pre-filled tax return and numerous others fiscal services.

Stefano Latini